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Strategic Communications

Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Strategic Communications is to protect and manage the University's reputation, strengthen Penn State's brand image, and increase brand awareness. Our communications and branding efforts support Penn State's mission to be the nation's finest student-centered university in the integration of teaching, research, and service. We conduct extensive marketing research to understand our various constituencies' and customers' perceptions and attitudes toward Penn State. The office is charged with differentiating Penn State from competitive institutions, and maintaining our distinct brand image.

In addition, we are the primary strategist for communications about the University and the primary point of contact for accurate information about Penn State. We are leaders in advancing and positioning the University as a world-class institution and in forecasting and managing emerging issues, including crisis communications. The office communicates on behalf of the University with a wide range of diverse constituencies including students, faculty, staff, news media, political leaders, alumni, taxpayers, donors, community leaders, etc.

Strategic Communications

Strategic Communications comprises four units: Campus and Community Affairs, News & Media Relations, Research Communications, and University Marketing and Advertising. These units work as one, selecting appropriate staff from within each on a project basis to fulfill our mission of building Penn State's brand equity, enhancing its brand image, and protecting and managing its reputation.

Projects and On-going work include:

Public Relations
  • Crisis management
  • Major campus events (Commencement, etc.)
  • Penn State Live
  • Research news
  • Developing and marketing of news and stories about Penn State
  • Video stories
  • Fund raising news
  • Newswires
Strategic Marketing and Communications
  • Market research
  • Teen image campaign
  • Student recruitment publications and communications
  • Promotional advertising
  • Web site design
  • Editorial style
  • Graphic identity
  • University web presence


Strategic Communications departments manage the following Administrative Policies:

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