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Internet Communications Group

This unit supports the internet communications needs of the Office of Strategic Communications, and also oversees the daily management of the University's central Web presence. The latter includes management of AD 54, the University's Web Policy, and ongoing management and maintenance of the home page and related pages.

Web Projects

  • Commencement web site
  • Experts web site
  • President web site
  • Awards recognition web site
  • Live newswire web site
  • Penn State Impact Site
  • Annual President's report on Philanthropy
  • Interactive story site on the Elm Yellows disease attacking Penn State's stand of American Elms
  • Penn State's Economic impact site
  • Penn State's Strategic plan site


  • First thirty web site
  • It's Your Time website

The above web sites are hosted by the Internet Communications department. The original web design and conceptual work was created by University Publications.

Resources for Web Developers

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