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Visual & Editorial Standards | Graphic Identity System


The University is represented by an institutional logo and comprehensive graphic identity system. The graphic identity system, implemented in 1987, was designed and developed to project an image of excellence and cohesiveness that is important in attracting high-quality students and faculty. It helps to ensure that all areas of the University’s complex organizational structure are corporately identified through the use of an overarching institutional logo, commonly called the University mark.

Other official symbols also exist in relation to the University’s graphic identity system. These symbols—most notably, the Intercollegiate Athletics logo and University seal—are relegated to very specific uses and functions, and are not interchangeable with the University mark.

Individual unit logos that are not part of the graphic identity system generally are not permissible. Exceptions and special needs for individual unit identities are handled through the Department of University Marketing and Advertising.

The Department of University Marketing is responsible for overseeing the University’s graphic identity system, maintaining visual standards, and approving use of any representative mark or symbol. This applies to all forms of communication in print, web, and video. Units within the University are permitted to use the Penn State name and its marks and symbols, according to established guidelines, for purposes of recruitment, development, or general promotion of the institution. Agencies external to the University may NOT use the Penn State name or any of its marks or symbols for any purpose without the appropriate agreements and permission from either the Department of University Marketing or the Licensing Programs Office. Furthermore, any merchandise produced by a University unit for promotional purposes must follow licensing guidelines and may be subject to written promotional agreement from the Licensing Programs Office.

Questions regarding the use of University marks or symbols may be directed to University Marketing, 814-863-1870.

Questions regarding the Licensing Program may be directed to the Licensing Programs Office, 814-865-0359.








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