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Intercollegiate Athletics Logo

Penn State Intercollegiate Athletics Logo

Penn State’s national football championship in 1982 gave the University unprecedented press coverage and attention from national audiences. In response to the demand for Penn State clothing and other memorabilia featuring a sports emblem, the Intercollegiate Athletics logo (lion) was commissioned in 1983. When the University mark (shield) was adopted in 1987 as the overarching logo for the University, the decision was made to retain the Intercollegiate Athletics logo as the representative symbol for sports and athletics. It is important to note the Athletics logo is not interchangeable with the University mark and is not used to represent nonathletic programs.

The Intercollegiate Athletics logo is composed of the athletics symbol—a stylized rendition of the Nittany Lion head in an oval frame, and the athletics logotype, "PENN STATE." There are two standard configurations of the Athletics logo. No other configurations of the logo are acceptable. All reproductions should be made from good, quality master artwork or files. The logo may be reduced or enlarged as needed but the elements may not be changed or rearranged.

Penn State Athletic Marks


It is permissible to use either the Athletics symbol or logotype on their own. However, neither the symbol or the logotype may be altered in any way. They also may not be used in conjunction with other design elements to create new or different logos.

Incorrect Athletic Marks


When the logo is reversed (when it is in a lighter color against a dark background), the reverse artwork must be used to achieve a correct reproduction. Reversing the regular artwork results in an incorrect version of the logo. An incorrect reverse is easy to spot—the cheeks of the lion are white. The reverse artwork produces an outline of the oval and the lion's head and maintains a dark background within the oval. The reverse artwork also should be used for embosses of the logo. Note that the reverse artwork should never by used positively (printing dark against a light background).

Reversed Athletic Marks


The standard color for the Athletics logo is dark navy (PMS 282). The entire Athletics logo should always print in a single color, typically blue, black, or gray.

Incorrect Color Athletic Marks


The Intercollegiate Athletics logo is a registered symbol of The Pennsylvania State University and its uses are strictly controlled by the University. Information about the Athletics logo also is available on the Licensing website.

Questions regarding use of the Athletics logo may be directed to Jeff Hermann or Karen Magnuson in the Department of University Marketing, 814-863-1870.


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