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University Seal

The seal has been in existence in one form or another since the founding of the University. The current version was introduced in 1953 and features the crest of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania surrounded by the name of the University. It bears a striking resemblence to the seals of many other state agencies, including the State System of Higher Education, which is one reason it does not serve as the University’s logo. Since implementation of the University mark in 1987, the seal has served primarily as an official stamp of validation—similar to a notary’s stamp—on official documents such as contracts and diplomas.

Some versions of the University seal feature a fluted edge. However, the current version with a clean, smooth edge is preferred. The same artwork is used for both positive and reverse reproductions.

University  Seals

The University seal is a registered symbol of The Pennsylvania State University and its uses are strictly controlled by the University. Information about the University seal also is available on the Licensing website.

Questions regarding use of the seal may be directed to the Department of University Marketing, 814-863-1870.











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